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Southend oil spill

Oil clean-up operation by Southend Borough Council workers after 500 litres of “heavy duty oil” leaked from a ship into the Thames Estuary. Southend, Essex.
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The Pope – London

Protests against the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. London.
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Eros, the Angel of Christian Charity at Piccadilly Circus, on the day thousands of people protest against the Popes state visit.
In Greek mythology Eros was the primordial god of sexual love and beauty. London.
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Mervyn King protest

POA and PCS delegates protest against the ConDem cuts as Mervyn King, Govenor of the Bank of England speaks at TUC, Manchester 2010.

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Brotherly Love

David and Ed Miliband at the TUC Labour Leadership Hustings. Manchester.
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TUC For Public Services

Brendan Barber joins TUC delegates as they launch a campaign against the ConDem cuts. TUC Manchester 2010.
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Brendan Barber

Storm clouds gather as Brendan Barber TUC arrives in Manchester for Congress 2010.
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No ConDem Cuts

Trade unionists lobby the TUC General Council to call for a national demonstration against the government cuts. Called by the Shop Stewards Network.
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ColdType Photo Essay – On the Beach

The Reader cover story, photo-essay on the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Disaster.

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Friendly Fire – EDL Bradford


English Defence League member is hit by a brick in the back of the head by another EDL supporter. Bradford.
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Katrina – Ninth Ward


On the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina houses still lie destroyed and abandoned in the Ninth Ward.
Nearly 2,000 lives were lost, 800,000 people displaced and over 204,00 homes damaged or destroyed in the most costly natural disaster in American history.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
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Wading Through Oil

A wader feeding amoungst the BP oil spill. Grand Isle beach, Louisiana. USA.

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Death of a Fishing Community


Sunset on Grand Isle, a fishing community severely affected by the BP oil spill. Louisiana. USA.

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Natural Gas Refinery


BOC Natural Gas refinery at sunset, New Orleans, Louisiana. USA.

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Point a la Hache


Abandoned oyster fishing boat at Point a la Hache harbour, Louisiana. Fishermen have an uncertain future as most think the oyster beds have been destroyed by the BP oil spill. USA.

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Toxic Beachcombing


Oil and Corexit dispersant foam washes up on Biloxi beach. BP oil spill. Mississippi. USA.

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God Help Us All!


Blue Crab with discoloured, oily gills washed up on Pass Christian beach after the BP oil spill. Crabs should have clearish grey but not black gills according to crab fishermen. Mississippi.

Across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida we found sick fishermentar balls, dead fish and discoloured jellyfish, had filthy green/brown water and thick foam washing up on the waves, which fishermen believe to be Corexit dispersing oil.

..and yet Obama sees fit to swim with his child in a White House released image on a Florida beach and is encouraging people to believe that the Gulf beaches are ‘open for business’.

If the water is safe and the beaches clean, why have the clean-up teams been told they will have work on the usually bleached white beaches for at least two years?

If you think it’s safe out of the water, think again. Scientists fear toxic rain is contaminating the Gulf States and fishermen have been monitoring the poor air quality.

See web gallery here

Read Jason N. Parkinson’s blog piece: Catalogue of Destruction

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Fisherman James ‘Catfish’ Miller, pictured at home, who became ill after working on the BP clean up operation. Catfish, along with other fishermen are campaigning for the truth to come out about the devastation in the Gulf and proper compensation from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Biloxi, Mississippi. USA.

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Open for Business?


Oil seam on Pensacola Beach. Barack Obama has his holiday home in the popular Florida resort and yesterday declared the beach, ‘Open for business’ after the BP Gulf oil disaster. But locals claim to have seen hired BP workers covering up oil slicked areas with sand at night and report that tar balls wash up every day. USA.

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Storm Brewing


Day break and a tropical storm rolls into Long Beach. Local people worry that the effects of the BP oil disaster will be suffered for decades to come and that first big storm will stir up all the oil and dispersant that has sunk to the sea bed.

Mississippi. USA

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See Jason N. Parkinson report here

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Gulf Oil Disaster


Pelican on an oil covered containment boom over 100  days after the Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill. Grand Isle, Louisiana. USA.

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Boomtown Belle


Boomtown Belle, a derelict and abandoned Mississippi steam boat in a scrap yard, Louisiana. United States of America.

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"Ban the Burka" – EDL/ENA

Woman wearing a balaclava, her children dressed in ‘Infidel’ t-shirts marches to “Ban the Burka”. Organised by the English Nationalist Alliance and supported by members of the English Defence League. Westminster, London.

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Press Photographers’ Year

Chuffed to get an image (however weird and disturbing) selected for the Press Photographers’ Year.

The exhibition is showing at the Littleton Theatre at the National Theatre on London’s South Bank, it’s on till 19th September and is free to enter. There is also a book available to order here spanning two years of the competition.

A big thank you to the organisers, well done to the winners and as the PPY says:

Our aim is to demonstrate…that even in an age of rolling television news, internet and satellite communication, the traditional still image burns the keenest, fastest impression on the public conscience and is the most effective way to show the world the world as it really is”

Toy Graveyard, Normandy. France.

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