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Lord Ashcroft

Lord Ashcroft. Conservative Party Conference, Manchester, 2011.

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Crime hits Baker Street

Baker Street train platform sign is stolen. The street is famous for its connection to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, shown in silhouette. Baker Street London Underground train station.

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Haiti Earthquake – 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago the earthquake in Haiti devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. We mark that day to remember the dead, but also the continued suffering of the living.

See a slideshow here

DISCLAIMER: Please view with caution, these images graphically depict the aftermath of the earthquake including photographs of decomposing bodies and a harrowing hospital operation.

Pic: Haitians salvage food and goods necessary for survival from burning buildings. Haiti earthquake  © Jess Hurd/

My eyewitness account..

“It’s worse than a war zone,” says Jordy Cox, an American surgeon and volunteer for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). She has just performed an operation in an outdoor makeshift theatre to save the arm of a 22 year old girl.

Alphonse Edwards, an American medic and volunteer, has been helping near the airport. “We were losing ten people a day, having to amputate without anesthetic or antibiotics,” he said. “The supplies I brought were used up the first afternoon. “We had no bandages, we were using rocks and sticks for splints with no tape to bind them.” (more…)

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