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1,000 Words – Tearsheet

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March for Jobs

Corus Steel Teesside workers. Unite March for Jobs, Birmingham.

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Corus Redcar Steelworks

The Corus Redcar steelworks at Redcar Co Cleveland which is to be mothballed with the loss of over 2000 jobs after parent company Tata announced the cancellation of 4 major contracts for it’s slab steel products. Redcar, Teesside, Co’ Cleveland, UK

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99p Store

Man eating a bag of chips on a mobility scooter outside a closed down 99p Store.

Apparently the shop was closed after a legal challenge by the Pound Shop. Redcar. Teesside.

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Put People First

On 28th March 35,000 marched through London as part of a global campaign to challenge the G20, ahead of their summit on the global financial crisis.

I was commissioned by People First, press images are available from here

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The Pound Shop

Mark Thomas, comedian campaigns for The Bank of England to be renamed The Pound Shop. City of London.

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Zombies on Oxford Street

Zombie Voodoo march down Oxford St with a banker to hang at Tyburn. Government of the Dead. London.

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Directa – Tear Sheet

For my Spanish/Catalan speaking friends…

Directa – The paper of the Social Movements in Barcelona have printed my interviews with people across America about the recession, racism and the Presidential election.

Capitalism Isn’t Working

Anti-Capitalists protest against the government’s bail-out of British banks. City of London.

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Stocking Fillers?

Whilst photographing the credit crunch I came across these rather expensive silver condiment tops for sale, London.

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