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AstraZenica Peoples Vaccine Protest

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Global Justice Now and The People’s Vaccine campaigning for global vaccine equality, AstraZeneca AGM, Cambridge.

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British Gas AGM


Mini wind turbines made of British Gas Bills. Direct Action groups target Centrica AGM, the parent company of British Gas. Fuel Poverty Action, Frack Off, UK Uncut, DPAC, Friends of the Earth join pensioners groups to campaign for nationalisation. QEII Centre, London.


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Barclays Banks on Hunger

Campaigners from the World Development Movement protest at Barclays’ AGM, exposing Barclays’ role in fuelling global hunger by betting on food prices. Two suited, blue masked Barclays ‘eagles’ on Barclays bikes join protestors holding placards reading, ‘Barclays banks on hunger’. Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London.

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