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Exit Stage Right – Labour Party Conference

jj1409184Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party follows Ed Balls off stage after his address to conference as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. Labour Party Conference, Manchester.

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Labour Party Conference

Labour Party Conference, Brighton.

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Ed Miliband – TUC

Ed Miliband MP speaks at TUC, Bournemouth.


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One Nation

Ed Miliband MP Q&A. Labour Party Conference 2012, Manchester.

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Ed Miliband on Banking

Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Opposition, will tomorrow gives a speech on the future for banking to assembled media. The Thomson Reuters Building, Canary Wharf, London.

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Winners and Losers

Ed Miliband, winner in the Labour leadership race embraces his brother David Miliband MP. Labour Party Conference. Manchester.
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Miliband Wins

Ed Miliband is elected Labour Leader, Labour Party Conference. Manchester.
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Brotherly Love

David and Ed Miliband at the TUC Labour Leadership Hustings. Manchester.
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