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Barclays Banks on Hunger

Campaigners from the World Development Movement protest at Barclays’ AGM, exposing Barclays’ role in fuelling global hunger by betting on food prices. Two suited, blue masked Barclays ‘eagles’ on Barclays bikes join protestors holding placards reading, ‘Barclays banks on hunger’. Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London.

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Do You Feel Lonely?

6.8 Million people live alone in England. Do you feel Lonely? Graffiti on a derelict building in Liverpool.
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Ghost Estates

Belmayne Estate, one of Dublin’s Ghost Estates, finished but largely uninhabited due to the economic collapse. Dublin, Ireland.
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Anglo Irish Bank

The docklands headquarters of Anglo Irish Bank remains incomplete and a building site. This building was referred to by the Irish Times as “a symbol of Ireland’s property and financial collapse”. Dublin, Ireland.
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Boomtown Belle


Boomtown Belle, a derelict and abandoned Mississippi steam boat in a scrap yard, Louisiana. United States of America.

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