Jess Hurd


"My God I wish I could vote."

Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta I sat in a crowded Greyhound Station next to Nekeeta Salamne a young mother from Trinidad.

“My God I wish I could vote, I wish I had a voice in this country because I would try to change a lot, because this country is going from bad to worse.”

“That George Bush and now this John McCain, who is he? All they are thinking about is war, is that what you want to teach your children, that this is what the world is about?”

“They say about insurgents attacking. What is an insurgent? Normal people who are just attacking the army.”

“People in this country need to wake up and we are waking up. Because Obama won, that is a beautiful sign, that yes the day is changing in America, people are tired.”

“In New Orleans the levees didn’t break because of the hurricane. If you compare New Orleans to the wild fires they had in California, all the millionaires, their mansions were burning, if you take a look at the difference, you contrast how they handled that, you would want to cry.”

“There are double standards, when it comes to dealing with black and white and poor whites feel it.”

“You know what white people call poor whites? How disgraceful they call them white trash, why would you call someone who is not up on your class, white trash?”

“And these people tell you, ‘I am voting for Mr Obama’. I feel like he relates to me, he is not talking at me, he is talking to me.”

“Look at what George Bush is doing and he has a bunch of idiots around him Cheney, Condoleezza.”

“Condoleezza is an idiot, a black idiot. She is with them, she was the president of Chevron, or one of them companies. She has her hand in dirt. She is one of them. How could you be black and be a Republican?”

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