Jess Hurd


"My Grandmother was a slave."

Brighton, Alabama

Further out of town I spoke with Elnora Golden, a retired woman, bedridden with acute arthritis.

“My Grandmother was a slave, the white man raped her, so she had a white baby.”

“She died before I was born, but my Mama always said she wanted us to be different, not prejudiced.”

“As Martin Luther King said, ‘It’s gonna change’ and there has been change.”

“One of my kids she went to a mixed school, black and white, she had more white friends than black friends.”

“The children used to come to the house and a neighbour said ‘why do you have white people coming to your house?’ and I said they’re not bothering me, I don’t care what colour they are, they are children. If my children deserve respect so do they.”

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