Jess Hurd


”People are going to simply die.”

Greenville, Mississippi

In the poor agricultural town of Greenville, Mississippi Laura Charles sat outside her backdoor with a handful of bills.

I didn’t have the (electricity) money and the man just came and said he had to come to cut it off.”

 “My light bill is over 100 dollars because I’m running my air (air conditioning), you know I’m on heart and blood pressure pills and have to stay cool.”

“I have to go get my medicine, it’s waiting at the doctors 149.00 dollars, I can’t even buy it.”

“My son has been to Iraq twice and I’m kinda scared he might have to make another trip…he may be going back a third term.”

“I don’t know who might get in the White House, but I’m hoping it be Obama.”

I believe he would do what he could for us, because right now we are looking at a 90 million dollar shortfall for Medicaid.”

“It is so bad, that when we do go to the doctor, they don’t do anything for us, they send us home. People are going to simply die.”

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