Jess Hurd


"We will be crawling out of this when my children are 90 years old."

Greenville, Mississippi

In the queue at St Vincent De Paul charity I met a young mother whose income had dropped below the poverty line. (audio below)

”We were doing just fine until two years ago when the government started jacking up oil and gas prices. Money has tore apart my marriage. It has made my husband go crazy.”

“Gas prices are over four dollars a gallon and I don’t know if I have enough gas right now to leave the parking lot. I mean I’m dead broke”

“I came here to get people to help me feed my kids because I can’t afford to make it to my first pay-day.”

“Our whole lifestyle has totally changed. Blue collar people like me who work for 12-20 dollars per hour might as well be working for two dollars per hour because our money doesn’t go anywhere.”

“Blue collar people don’t have a chance to make it right now in our country and it is only going to get worse if they vote in another Republican. Mc Cain is one of the main oil drillers in our country. He is making all these promises but I would much rather see Obama or Hilary get in.”

“I have never used social services and here I am crying and begging these people to help me. I don’t get food stamps. I pay my taxes. I do what I’m supposed to do.”

“And he is still spending billions of dollars a month in Iraq for a war that is not supposed to be happening.”

“My cousin just died two months ago in Iraq and you tell me there is no war?”

“I am usually a very political person that really believes in God and leadership and our military, but our commander in chief is deeming our military straight to hell and I’m sorry to say that.”

“I pray to God Obama does make change, but I will believe it when I see it.”

“I’m ready to see a black President, I’m ready to see a woman President, I’m ready for change because I am telling you as long as a Republican sits in that chair it’s only going to get worse.”

“President Bush has done nothing but cause war for the American people and we will be crawling out of this when my children are 90 years old.”


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