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Belching Out The Devil

Earlier on in the year I had the privilege of working with activist, journalist and comedian Mark Thomas on his new book Belching Out The Devil

We visited trade unionists in Colombia living under paramilitary death threat and Coca Cola workers and their families in Istanbul who were brutally attacked by the police in the company HQ. 
This book is a serious investigation in to the activities of Coca Cola the global corporate brand, but it also makes you laugh out loud roughly every three pages.
A must get Xmas present for all the family!
Guardian : ‘John Pilger with laughs’
Image of Mark Thomas with Che Guevara in the Sinatrainal trade union offices, Bogota –
© Jess Hurd/
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Read interview here

The Reddog Experience

Reddog @ Chats Palace 

This year I have visited Roma communities in Istanbul and Rome. Sulukule is a gypsy neighbourhood inhabited by Roma since the 11th Century and faces demolition under plans to gentrify parts of Istanbul.

Roma families living in Italy are facing increased persecution, I travelled to Rome in August to document conditions in the camps. There is also a short documentary available on the Reel News October DVD release and screened at the Foundry this Sunday.

Tdog has put together a slideshow of my images with Roma music and it will be screened at the Reddog event at Chats Palace in Hackney, London on Friday 3rd October 2008.

Image of Sulukule, Istanbul © Jess Hurd/

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