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Clean Coal, Dirty Coal

Environmental activists protest outside the London head office of E.ON the power company in Pall Mall. The protest was the start of two days of action against plans for a new coal-fired power station in Kingsnorth, Kent.

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Mobile Clubbing

Mobile clubbing, Flash Mob party outside the Royal Exchange, City of London:

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Islam, War and the Media Conference

Tomorrow there is a half-day conference hosted by Media Workers Against the War

There will be a workshop called “Journalists and the “terror” laws” with the campaigning lawyer Louise Christian, Hicham Yezza the editor of Ceasefire Magazine who was arrested for downloading an al-Qaeda document from a US government website and photojournalist Marc Vallee

Jason N.Parkinson and I will still be showing the NUJ sponsored film – Press Freedom: Collateral Damage as part of the workshop and we will also do a Q&A after the film.

The conference is being held at the London School of Economics and starts at 2pm. The event is open to all and not just media workers.

Ogaden Protest

Protest against genocide and crimes against humanity in Ogaden by Ethiopian forces, Westminster. London

Firefighters Memorial

Firefighters lay a wreath at the St Paul’s monument in remembrance of the firefighters who are increasingly losing their lives at work. London.

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Thought this sticker was great, I do so hate being tracked by Oyster around London.

Enjoy the freedom of the City indeed.

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Defender Magazine – Tear Sheet

John Hutton MP – Labour Party Conference

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Directa – Tear Sheet

For my Spanish/Catalan speaking friends…

Directa – The paper of the Social Movements in Barcelona have printed my interviews with people across America about the recession, racism and the Presidential election.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf with weather, East London.

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