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UNSEEN, the new BPPA publication will be available from the 12th March 2009

It celebrates unseen images from some of the best Press Photographers in the world.

”Thank goodness for UNSEEN. ‘The sweetest songs,’ wrote Shelley, ‘sing of the saddest thought’, and these photographs are so beautiful yet compassionate that, despite their appalling images of death, loss, mutilation and destruction, one feels an overwhelming elation and relief that someone has drawn attention to such suffering. Without photographers invading the worst trouble spots, armed only with their cameras, so much tyranny and brutality would go unrecorded.”

From the Foreword by Jilly Cooper

Edited by Helen Atkinson, Andrew Baker, Tim Bishop, Dillon Bryden, Spencer Griffiths, Jess Hurd, Eddie Mulholland, Jeff Moore, Edmond Terakopian and Neil Turner.

Cover Image © Stuart Freedman

UNSEEN £19.95 is published by Skateboarding Duck

ISBN 978-0-9561801-0-0

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