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Middle Class Summer of Rage

Mark Thomas, comedian starts the Middle Class Summer of Rage by having a picnic outside New Scotland Yard. Westminster, London.

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Responses (5) to “Middle Class Summer of Rage”

  1. Iain Aitch says:

    Ha! I wondered what the Middle Class summer of discontent was going to look like.

  2. Anonymous says:

    An out and out radical display of Cardigan wearing at its finest. Kurt Cobain wore the very same shade with his beat combo Nirvana though I think he had a few more tortoise shell buttons. This is bound to bring the blighters to their knees.


  3. Jess Hurd says:

    yes, although I was rather shocked by the marmite sandwiches..

  4. Alan Gallery says:

    I know, its not often you see Marmite in aspic.

  5. sionphoto says:

    Choose from the Ikea 'Floerme' range of molotovs and 'Whienge' hand painted birchwood placards (from Iceland, can't beat that Scando-design), then pop into the Chelsea Git Panzer for a lazy afternoon of organically sourced, freshly squeezed summer rage with Pippa, Quentin and their lovely kids, Jemima and Aloysisus.

    Mmmmm…it's not just a riot.

    It's an M & S riot.

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