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Poo With a View

Compost toilets with Canary Wharf in the background. Climate Camp, Blackheath. South East London.

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More Future – Less Capitalism

Climate Camp action outside Barclays Bank offices at Canary Wharf. Investers in EON and the arms trade. The camp is established on Blackheath. South East London.

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Climate Camp

Climate Campers establish camp on Blackheath. South East London.

More on the press restrictions and Guardian ‘Content is Free’ here and here

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Gathering Storm

Storm clouds gather over Canary Wharf, East London.

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Justice for Sean Rigg

Family and friends of Sean Rigg gather outside Brixton police station demanding justice for his death in police custody one year ago.

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Hackney Urinals

Hackney urinals with ferns. East London.

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Red, White and Blue

Unite Against Fascism protest outside the BNP Red White and Blue Festival in Condor, Derbyshire.

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‘I’ve come home’ – Peter Mandelson

The results of a very short session with Peter Mandelson in his office as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. London.

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Firefighter – What’s My Role?

Congratulations to Firefighter Magazine for winning ‘Best Magazine’ in the TUC Communication Awards.

Chuffed to have this profile piece written about my work. I consider it an honour to work with the FBU.

Thanks to photographers Paul Box and Justin Tallis.

Dale Farm – Portrait of a Grandmother

Irish traveller Mary-Anne McCarthy outside her home. Dale Farm residents, the largest traveller community in the UK are facing eviction from the Cray’s Hill site in Essex. They demand the council re-home them to another location within the district.

See images from today’s protest outside Basildon Council here where they delivered a Legal Memorandum to Basildon District Council setting out in terms of international law their rights to be re-settled as minority ethnic-community at another location.

“The Government has told Basildon it must provide land for us,” said Mary-Ann McCarthy, who presented the memorandum. “But we fear they will evict us by forced before this happens.”

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Canary Wharf “FLASH-MOB”

A new campaign for photographers’ rights launched this weekend – with more than two hundred photographers showing their support for the website by holding up a placard saying “I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist!” – will help all photographers to understand and uphold their legal right to take photographs.

The campaign will fight for photographers’ rights across the country, opposing police repression and the abuse of anti-terrorism legislation. It will challenge the unreasonable restrictions in pseudo-public spaces such as shopping centres and Canary Wharf.

Anti-Terror Map: The website will map the use across the country of anti-terrorism legislation which can impose prison sentences for simply photographing a police officer and whose wide-ranging draconian powers allow police to stop and search anyone even where there is no reasonable suspicion of terrorism at all.

Stop & Search Bust Card: Also featured on the site will be a ‘bust card’ for photographers – that will set out their legal right to take photographs when stopped by police or security staff.

Canary Wharf ‘Flash-mob: The campaign calls for a National Photographers Flash-Mob of Canary Wharf on 12th September 2009 and is calling for photographers across the country to highlight spaces where photography is unreasonably restricted. The flash-mob action will highlight how heavy handed private security guards are restricting individual liberty and press freedom by preventing photographers from pursuing their hobby or their profession.

The London flash-mob will be at 3pm at the Clocks, Canary Wharf, London.

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Silly Season

Bus drivers get revealing about pay drops on London’s buses.

Press photographers shoot underwear protest in central London in call for end of “race to the bottom”. Marble Arch, London.

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Full Moon

Full moon and corona.

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The Bay Tree Gets It

Comedian and political activist Mark Thomas and supporters hold hostage Margaret Morans MP’s Bay Tree on the Fourth Plinth. It faced execution by radical pruning unless she resigned over the expenses scandal. Trafalgar Square, London.

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Open letter from Mark Thomas here

Images showing in Mark Thomas’s Edinburgh show at The Stand.

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