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Bliar – Chilcot Enquiry

Stop the War demonstrations as Tony Blair arrives to give testimony to the Chilcot enquiry. Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. London.

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Photographers take Trafalgar Square

Up to 3000 people join the I’m a Photographer Not a Terrorist Mass Gathering in Trafalgar Square in defence of street photography and against the arbitary use of the terrorism laws to stop and search photographers.

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Haiti Earthquake

This has been the most harrowing story I have ever covered.

The reason I went to Haiti was because I was so angry as a human being and a journalist that this level of avoidable devastation caused by an earthquake.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere but in terms of resources it used to be one of the richest. Colonialism, slavery, reparations, US intervention, loan repayments and corrupt and incompetent rulers have impoverished this country, this situation is man-made.

I will write more soon but here is a small edit of images, more are available to license from:

DISCLAIMER: Please view with caution, these images graphically depict the aftermath of the earthquake including photographs of decomposing bodies and a harrowing hospital operation.

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Coldtype – Haiti The Face of Disaster here

Bodies are left in the cemetery by family members, Haiti earthquake. Port-au-Prince.
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