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The Usurp Art Gallery opens in a classic 1930’s former butcher’s shop with a group exhibition titled “Naissance” (birth of a movement or organization). Usurp has been inspired by the writings of Jean-Richard Bloch (1884–1947), playwright, political thinker, poet and anti-fascist. In his essay “Naissance d’une Culture” (“Birth of a Culture” 1936) he called for an art that would associate the democratic tradition with mass culture.

Contributing Artists include: Mona Hatoum, Disinformation, Chila Burman, Jess Hurd, Matt Jordan, Dulari Summaria, Alia Syed, Jeremy James Wood & Nazneen Ayyub-Wood, Sousan Luqman, Vista Mundi, Steve Beresford, The Pardhan Gond Collective, Usurp, Tokyo Rinpa Eshidan.
Performances by Dr Das, Emergency Bass Sound System, Najma Akhtar and Russell Martin.

Launch event: 12 Feb 2010 6.30 to 9.30pm
Exhibition continues until 31st March 2010

Opening times: Thursday to Sunday 2 to 8pm & by appointment

Usurp Art Gallery & Studios

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