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Vigilantes or Community Organisation?

Local community organising groups defend their neighbourhood from police attack and reported police looting. They are also organising street cleaning teams.  Some news reports have wrongly reported them vigilantes or street thugs. Uprising against Mubarak, Cairo, Egypt.
See updated web gallery with images of people stopping tanks entering AlTahrir (Liberation Square) here
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Murder in Cairo

A young man is killed by riot police live amunition rounds and dies of his injuries in a makeshift hospital in a mosque. Uprising against President Mubarak, Cairo, Egypt.
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See update web gallery here

Day of Rage – Cairo

An army unit supports the protesters and allow people to ride through the streets, Cairo, Egypt.

Images available

See web gallery here

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Ascent into the Shadows

Tony Blair leaves The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre after giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war. London.

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How To Look Good Protesting

I’ve been asked to exhibit some work and do some media training at Netroots UK tomorrow. The original title for the workshop was “How to look good protesting”, which I thought was fantastic because I’ve accumulated many images of naked protesters over the years.

Unfortunately it has now been changed to “Getting your action across better in the media” which is a bit dryer, but I’m sure we can work with it.

Images of the Global Movement – photographs by Jess Hurd will be exhibited in the Marble Hall, TUC Congress House for one day only.

Image: World Naked Bike Ride. London 2009

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