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March for the Alternative

March for the alternative. Jobs, Growth and Justice. Organised by the TUC.

With images from Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square later in the evening.

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Referendum Vote

Egyptian student votes NO in the referendum on the constitution. Cairo, Egypt
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Coptic Christians

Coptic Christians protest ouside the Television Centre against attacks on their community.

It is widely thought to be counter revolutionary, Mubarak supporters and members of the National Democratic Party that have been stirring up religious tensions. Cairo, Egypt
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Women for Women

Women gather at London’s Millennium Bridge and at bridges in more than 30 other countries on International Women’s Day centenary to demand that Afghan women sit as equals at peace table and for an end to violence against them. London.

Organised by Women for Women International

Image: Peace campaigner Bianca Jagger releasing a white dove.

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