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Don’t Jump!

Boat with a Don’t Jump sign and the outline of a body, goes under a London bridge. River Thames. London.

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Greek Revolution

Demonstrators with a hangman’s noose outside the Greek Parliament. Against IMF imposed austerity measures. Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece.

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RIP Brian Haw

Brian Haw, peace campaigner, camping outside parliament in January 2004.

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Taking The Streets – Exhibition Invite

Usurp Art Gallery & Studios proudly presents “Taking the Streets – Global Protest” by Jess Hurd

“The Importance of photography does not rest primarily in its potential as an art form, but rather in its ability to shape our ideas, to influence our behaviour, and to define our society.” Gisélle Freund 1974

LAUNCH PARTY – 24th June 6.30-9.30pm

with Special Global Mix by DJ Nikki and choral punk songs from the Hackney Secular Singers.

Usurp Art Gallery & Studios, 140 Vaughan Road, London HA1 4EB

Exhibition runs from 25 June – August 28 2011… Gallery open Thursday to Sunday 2 – 7pm Free admission

“Taking the Streets – Global Protest”

Usurp Art Gallery’s presents 10 years of intrepid work by Jess Hurd, a campaigning photographer and photojournalist involved in people’s struggles for dignity and freedom internationally. ‘Taking the Street – Global Protest’ features photographs and video from Egypt, Greece, Haiti, Spain and the UK, and marks the 10th death anniversary this year of Carlo Giuliani, killed by police at a G8 demonstration in Genoa. Reflecting on the political power of documentary photography and international movements, ‘Taking the Streets- Global Protest’ informs and inspires.


Press release

Launch Invite

Exhibition Poster



Fisherman on the harbour wall as a container ship leaves the COSCO Chinese dock in Piraeus, the main port in Athens. Greece.
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Greek General Strike

Man stands in front of graffiti on the Eurobank as running battles between police and protesters take place outside the Greek parliament. Trade unions hold a general strike against IMF imposed austerity measures. Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece.

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See web gallery here

The Indignant movement planned to circle the parliament in a huge show of public opinion against the savage IMF austerity measures. Thousand began gathering early Wednesday morning in Athens, many who had never previously joined demonstrations. Carrying banners with “Traitors” and waving Greek flags.

Around the polytechnic those involved in the general strike were also massing and planning to march to Syntagma Square.

It wasn’t long before battle ensued. Early attempts to pull down a fence guarding the parliament building were fought back with volleys of tear gas from the the Greek police. Fights broke out between right-wing opposition supporters, who were also in large numbers outside the parliament and those intent on fighting the police and who planned to occupy parliament. Street fighting between left and right gave way to intensified police attacks from all corners of Syntagma Square which drew the protesters away from the parliament building and into the side streets.

Running battles ensued, barricades were built, buildings spray painted, banks attacked and marble was chipped from any available surface for use as ammunition. The police were brutal, tear gas grenades, high powered pepper spray, concussion grenades and violent arrests.

It looked like a war zone, the police repeatedly saturated Syntagma Square with gas, which had become a permanent tented protest camp, leaving many chocking and blinded, ambulances arrived to collect the wounded.

By early evening word was spreading about the proposed changes to parliament, the reshuffle was met with distain, “it’s still the same people” said one man working near the square. More protests are planned tonight.

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Seeing Double Yellow

Badly painted double yellow line parking restrictions. Bizarre London road markings in a space not big enough for a car.

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SlutWalk London. Women and men march through London against rape and violence towards women.

The protests began in January 2011 when a representative of the Toronto police stated to students: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized

See web gallery here

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Red Arrows

Red Arrows – the RAF’s aerobatic display team, perform a fly past for the Trooping the Colour. Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square. London.

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Insert Coin – We are Hungry

Web gallery of (belated) images during the Democracia Real Ya protests in Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain.

Web Gallery here

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