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Tottenham Riots

Violence erupts in Tottenham after a protest demanding justice following a fatal police shooting. Riot police clashed with hundreds of demonstrators after Mark Duggan, 29, a father of four, was killed. North London.

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Riot images from across London available to license from:

See slideshow here

Read No Refuge Between Bricks and Batons commissioned by the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma.

Listen to Reporting the Riots podcast from the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

See Jason N. Parkinson’s Guardian video’s here Tottenham video footage here and Hackney video footage here

Responses (2) to “Tottenham Riots”

  1. […] yet seen from the events were by the Chair of the NUJ London Photographers’ Branch, Jess Hurd, working for Report Digital, remarkable both for their drama and their clarity.  Apart from […]

  2. […] I wasn’t.)  Don’t miss the link to Jason’s video on the Guardian site, and also Jess’s pictures which I mentioned a couple of days ago in my piece about why I wasn’t there. The Guardian […]

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