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Atos – Blood On Their Hands


Disabled protesters from DPAC and UK Uncut against the cuts to disabled benefits through the Paralympic sponsor Atos, outside Atos HQ and later occupy the Department of Work and Pensions. London.

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Homeless London

Paul (52) is homeless after a breakdown following his divorce. He has been issued a court order restricting him from begging in his usual patch near Tower Bridge, Tower Hamlets, East London.

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Atos Paralympics

Disabled People Against Cuts protesters lay a coffin outside Atos HQ to represent the people who have died or committed suicide after having their benefits cut following an Atos assessment saying they were fit to work. Opening day of the Paralympics where Atos is a sponsor. Euston, London.

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Tweet-Me-Up! @ Tate Oil Tanks

Highly acclaimed artist and author Tracey Moberly as part of the Tate Modern’s new Oil Tanks space is organising a mass participation evolving digital exhibition and sound installation. Work for the Tracey Moberly: Tweet-Me-Up! performance this Friday has being submitted from countries across the world from Eastern Siberia to Uzbekistan – New Jersey to Trinidad.  It will be shown on four projectors in Tate Modern’s new Tanks space.

The common theme is the focus on subcultures/countercultures and the underground movement which supports them. The day highlights and marks International Day Against Intolerance, Discrimination and Violence Based on Musical Preferences, Lifestyle and Dress Code which takes place on the Friday 24th August. The date is highlighted by the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

You can register here for Tracey’s free artist talk this Friday, 15.00-16.00

The work I have submitted is from a long term project working with the traveller community at Dale Farm in the years leading up to and beyond their eviction by Basildon Council. They waged a powerful, lengthy battle through the courts to defend a way of life and their community against what was seen by many as ethnic cleansing.

See TimeOut article

Image: Bridesmaids get ready for the wedding of Irish travellers Nora Quilligan and Danny Sheridan from Dale Farm who are getting married ahead of the site eviction. UN Human Rights Day. Basildon, Essex 10.12.08

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Free Assange

Demonstration outside the Republic of Ecuador Embassy in support of Julian Assange Wikileaks founder, who is claiming political asylum. London.

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Free Pussy Riot Picket

Free Pussy Riot international day of protest in support of the Russian feminist punk-rock collective who have been found guilty of hooliganism, following a brief masked guerrilla performance of a “blasphemous” anti Putin song on the altar of Russia’s main church. Russian Embassy, London.

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London 2012 Olympics – Rich & Poor

Having mostly ignored the Olympics from our estate in East London less than a mile away, I decided to have a look at extremes of accommodation for the event.

You can view the slideshow here (work in progress)

The image pictured (above) shows the vast porta-cabin village in the shadow of the Olympic stadium, 18.00 per night basic food and accommodation for cleaners at the event.

The slideshow crudely illustrates the contrast with the super-rich in their super-yachts moored at Canary Wharf. Most obscene being (below) Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s 413ft- long super-yacht, Octapus, which boasts two submarines and two helicopters.

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Sexually Assaulted & banned from Topshop

Photographer Jess Hurd defies her ban from Topshop's flagship Oxford Street store © Autumn Parkinson

[Update] Read Full Topshop apology here

Insulted and frustrated at a lack of response after being sexually assaulted and arrested whilst covering a UKUncut protest in Topshop, I decided to defy the Topshop ban placed on me this weekend, in the hope that this might prompt a response. The assault took place in December 2011 but we have heard nothing.

This is my account of the incident and Topshop Complaint sent by the NUJ legal Department to the Oxford Street Store and the Topshop Chief Executive.

We would like:

1. a full apology

2. an immediate retraction of the ban

3. an assurance that this will not happen to journalists working in the public interest in future

4. our questions answers about the training and behaviour of Topshop security guards




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