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Sexually Assaulted & banned from Topshop

Photographer Jess Hurd defies her ban from Topshop's flagship Oxford Street store © Autumn Parkinson

[Update] Read Full Topshop apology here

Insulted and frustrated at a lack of response after being sexually assaulted and arrested whilst covering a UKUncut protest in Topshop, I decided to defy the Topshop ban placed on me this weekend, in the hope that this might prompt a response. The assault took place in December 2011 but we have heard nothing.

This is my account of the incident and Topshop Complaint sent by the NUJ legal Department to the Oxford Street Store and the Topshop Chief Executive.

We would like:

1. a full apology

2. an immediate retraction of the ban

3. an assurance that this will not happen to journalists working in the public interest in future

4. our questions answers about the training and behaviour of Topshop security guards




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