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Stop Nato

jj140917No NATO Newport and Stop the War protest marchers pound on the fence surrounding the Celtic Manor Hotel where the Nato Summit is meeting. South Wales.

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Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening

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International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day – the resulting crop of illicit cultivation in Tower Hamlets, one of the most deprived London boroughs. Images available to licence from © Jess Hurd/

Hurricane Bertha

Remnants of Hurricane Bertha as a storm cloud sweeps across from the Shard and the City of London to Canary Wharf. East London.

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Gaza National Demo

National Demonstration for Gaza. London.

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Israeli Embassy Protest

Protest in support of Gaza outside the Israeli Embassy, called by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. London.

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Stop The Massacre – Sanctions Now – Free Palestine

Palestine Solidarity Campaign project a Palestinian flag onto the Houses of Parliament saying Stop The Massacre – Sanctions Now – Free Palestine. Westminster, London. 

© Jess Hurd/PSC

Read National Union of Journalists press release – NUJ photographer defends copyright and moral rights of Gaza picture

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Note: Some people have raised questions about the authenticity of the image. Let me clarify. This image is not a fake. I was commissioned by PSC to take this image when it was projected by a professional team, Bluman Associates shortly after midnight 1/8/14. I shot a long exposure, with tripod, f8, from the pavement down the beam of the projector, as advised by the team. This does, it seem create an optical oddity. The nearer you are to the projection beam, the truer the image, i.e. less fall-off around the building. It’s physics. The Report Digital video is here, shot from a bit further up Westminster Bridge by video journalist Jason Parkinson.

A previous image projected by the same team also shows the anomaly but from a less pronounced angle in a photograph by Andy Aitchison  for Public and Commercial Services Union.


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