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No-Mans Land – A Refugee Journey

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We arrived at the Serbian border with Tovarnik, Croatia the night before last. Darkness was swiftly approaching. Refugees were hastily getting of coaches to beat the darkness falling on the cornfields between Serbia and Croatia. The mood was high despite the rain, excited, nervous, adrenalin pumping. We ran with a group pushing a woman in a wheelchair over the 2-3 km journey. This is a path well travelled by refugees, the path littered with disagreed items of clothing and water bottles.

The next day we saw hundreds take this route, approximately 2-3 hundred every hour. Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Exhaustedly returning a smile, intrigued that we spoke English and desperate for information about the onward journey, whether borders were open, or not.

Seemingly overwhelmed the Croatian border became blocked late afternoon. For thousands of refugees hope turned to despair as they began to realise that they would be stuck in no-mans land. The border crossing between Serbia and Croatia for the night.

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