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Justice For Sam Hallam

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Appeal for Compensation for Miscarriage of Justice at the Supreme Court.

Sam Hallam is joined by Paddy Hill of the Birmingham 6 and Patrick Maguire of the Maguire 7, alongside Paul McLaughlin Co-Project Manager at Miscarriages Of Justice Organisation (MOJO) and his Mum, Wendy Cohen.

Sam has taken his case to the Supreme Court to fight for compensation for his miscarriage of justice following the quashing of his conviction for murder in 2012 when he was released from the Court of Appeal, after a powerful local campaign and seven years in prison.

Since then Sam has been denied compensation under a new scheme which has defined a miscarriage of justice case such that someone has to prove that the basis of the quashing of the conviction “shows beyond reasonable doubt that the person did not commit the offence”. This requires him to establish his innocence once again and his lawyers will argue the test offends the presumption of innocence as enshrined in Article 6(2) of the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).


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