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The Journey of Transition

I’ve been invited to speak at the University of Bedfordshire’s first ever Refugee Week today.

I will be showing three sets of images at the event called the Journey of Transition.

Firstly the work I have done in France, called ‘Permanent
Displacement – Calais refugees from Sangatte to destitution

Secondly a set of images from the US/Mexico border called ‘Border Angels
– the story of Mexican refugees and the vigilante Minute Men.’

and the third series of images will be a celebration of the colourful
and innovative campaigns from around the world from Indonesian
domestic maids in Hong Kong to the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees.

Image: Never Accept Money in Return For Sex – sign at the Kapelebyong Primary School, Camp Kapelebyong – displaced peoples camp Katekwi. Uganda.

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Perpetual Displacement

Hundreds of refugees evicted from the ‘jungle’ remain in Calais, freezing, destitute, continually harassed by the police, sleeping rough and forced to queue for food. France.

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Beach Breakers

Beach breakers on the Calais beach at the nearest point to Dover, with Sea France ferry sailing. France.

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The Reader – Border Lines Photo Essay

Border Lines – The French and Afghanistan’s Refugees.

Photo Essay by Jess Hurd and Justin Tallis

No Borders

Refugees from the war in Afghanistan shelter in the ‘jungle’, woods in Calais where they are forced to sleep rough.

Approximately 800 people are living in squalid conditions, one in five are unaccompanied minors. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) plans to open an office in Calais to address the humanitarian crisis. France.

BBC News story here

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