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Happy Easter?

According to the Church of England 30 churches are closed every year. I couldn’t find the figure for the Catholic church but the number must be close to the number of pubs closing.

Maybe there is a correlation, perhaps Tesco is expanding their Faith range alongside the cheap booze?

Most likely the drop in church numbers is due to the return home of the Polish immigrant population and the horrific child sex abuse scandals that have hit the headlines this Easter.

Church for Sale in Dudley. West Midlands.

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Adult Mag Exchange Centre – eew!

Adult Mag Exchange Centre, Bolton.

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Criminalise Bankers Not Prostitutes

Sex Workers demonstrate against the Policing and Crime Bill and the Welfare Reform Bill. Parliament Square, London.

They demand:

an end to the criminalisation of sex work
safety and other rights for all workers in the sex industry, including the right to unionise
the right to stay and not be deported
the right not to have a criminal record so we can apply for other jobs
decent wages and benefits for all so that we can refuse violence and exploitation in any industry

Organised by the English Collective of Prostitutes.

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See web gallery here

Community Policing

Police on horse back in Old Compton Street. Soho. London.

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