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Tower Hamlets Service Charge Protest

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Tower Hamlets Community Housing residents protesting about massive service charge increases for housing, Watney Market, East London.

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Newham Housing Protest 400 empty homes

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Focus E15 Mothers socially distanced demo, Brimstone House hostel to Carpenters Estate where there are still 400 empty homes in the shadow of Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford, Newham. © Jess Hurd

Solidarity chain linking the 1km distance from an overcrowded hostel in Newham (Brimstone House) to the hundreds of empty homes on a council estate around the corner (Carpenters Estate). A council estate right next to the Olympic stadium where 400 flats have been left empty to rot for over 13 years.

Newham council has the worst record on homelessness in the country and one of the highest mortality rates for COVID 19 – how dare the Labour council leave homes empty during a pandemic.

Eros House Protest

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Residents of Eros House tower block protesting about housing conditions, inadequate heating, desrepair, damp and anti social behaviour, supported by the Renters Union, Catford, Lewisham, South London.

Eros House, a Brutalist building in Catford, Lewisham, south London designed by Rodney Gordon and Owen Luder and built 1960-63.

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Right To Buy

Right to Buy government advert encouraging council tenants to buy their homes on a telephone box. Sapphire Tower, due for demolition. Aston, Birmingham. © Jess Hurd/

Right to Buy government advert encouraging council tenants to buy their homes on a telephone box. Sapphire Tower, due for demolition. Aston, Birmingham.
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City Sunset

Winter sunset over the City of London. © Jess Hurd/ Tel: 01789-262151/07831-121483   NUJ recommended terms & conditions apply. Moral rights asserted under Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988. Credit is required. No part of this photo to be stored, reproduced, manipulated or transmitted by any means without permission.

Winter sunset over the City of London.
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Class War – Gentrify This

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May Day – London

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May Day, International Workers Day protests. London.

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Activists Target Property Awards

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Social housing campaigners disrupt the annual Property Awards attended by luxury property development companies. Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane. London.

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Inequality Street

jj1504044Inequality Street – stencil graffiti about the gentrification of the London Borough of Hackney, E8.

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E15 Mothers


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The Focus E15 Mothers are a group of vulnerable young mums who were threatened with eviction and rehousing outside London by Newham Council.

They won their fight to be rehoused, albeit in sub standard, overpriced, private London accommodation and are now are fighting for the issue of social housing versus gentrification.

The women and their supporters have occupied a small block of abandoned flats on the Carpenters Lane estate. It is shadowed by the Stratford Olympic site and glitzy glass blocks, that tower out of the rent reach of the original local population.

People seem very happy with the new residents, who have breathed life back into the boarded up houses. The mood was pretty jubilant, despite defeat in the court the Mothers campaign will see the opening up of up to 40 previously abandoned houses.

See my Guardian commissioned piece here:

The Focus E15 protests – in pictures | Cities | The Guardian

See Jason N. Parkinson’s Guardian video here:

London’s housing crisis: the story of the Focus E15 mums – video


Ghost Estates

Belmayne Estate, one of Dublin’s Ghost Estates, finished but largely uninhabited due to the economic collapse. Dublin, Ireland.
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