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London 2012 Olympics – Rich & Poor

Having mostly ignored the Olympics from our estate in East London less than a mile away, I decided to have a look at extremes of accommodation for the event.

You can view the slideshow here (work in progress)

The image pictured (above) shows the vast porta-cabin village in the shadow of the Olympic stadium, 18.00 per night basic food and accommodation for cleaners at the event.

The slideshow crudely illustrates the contrast with the super-rich in their super-yachts moored at Canary Wharf. Most obscene being (below) Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s 413ft- long super-yacht, Octapus, which boasts two submarines and two helicopters.

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Olympic Army

Lexington House in Bow Quarter, a gated community where the British army are securing a position for a surface to air missile system to guard the Olympic Games. The building was once the Bryant and May match factory. Tower Hamlets, East London.

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Corporate Games

Olympic Park worker directs people to the venue through Westfield Shopping Centre. Stratford, Newham. East London.

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London Olympic Security

Olympic security guards try to prevent photographers and a video journalist from filming the Olympic site from the public highway. Stratford, East London.

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Occupy Leyton Marsh

Local supporters climb under a tanker to prevent it entering the planned Olympic site. Activists are arrested after blocking the site entrance to construction vehicles and breaching the site. Hackney, East London.

See slideshow here

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Welcome to Operation Trafalgar

Mobile police watch tower. Operation Trafalgar launches in London’s West End. Increased, visible policing is designed to tackle crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. Piccadilly Circus.

See slideshow here

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