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Sisters Uncut Protest New Scotland Yard

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Sisters Uncut protest outside New Scotland Yard after the police violence at the Sarah Everard vigil, Westminster, London.

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Mayday Istanbul

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Turkish police form a ring of steel around Tazim Square to prevent May Day marches. Istanbul, Turkey.

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International Day Against Police Brutality

To mark the International Day Against Police Brutality I have been commissioned to produce a slideshow for an all day event at SOAS today.

The images cover deaths in police custody and brutal assaults by the police on anti capitalist protests, anti war, green protests globally from the last decade or so, please view with caution.

You can view ‘highlights’ from the slideshow here.

Image – Carlo Giuliani 23, shot dead by Italian police. Genoa G8 summit 2001.

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SlutWalk London. Women and men march through London against rape and violence towards women.

The protests began in January 2011 when a representative of the Toronto police stated to students: “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized

See web gallery here

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Women for Women

Women gather at London’s Millennium Bridge and at bridges in more than 30 other countries on International Women’s Day centenary to demand that Afghan women sit as equals at peace table and for an end to violence against them. London.

Organised by Women for Women International

Image: Peace campaigner Bianca Jagger releasing a white dove.

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