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Labour Party Conference

Labour Party Annual Conference.

© Jess Hurd 08/10/2023 Liverpool.

NHS campaigner is ejected from Labour Party Annual Conference.

Shadow cabinet.

Angela Rayner MP.

Keir Starmer MP

Protect the Right to Strike – February 1st 2023

TUC’s day of action against anti-union laws, Protect the Right to Strike day with Paul Nowak, new TUC General Secretary, Kate Bell and key workers.

Plus trade union coordinated strike action. NEU National Strike London Demonstration, PCS strikers at HM Treasury and NEU Sixth Form strikers, Westminster, London.

Also featuring the TUC budget submission and meeting with key workers and Angela Rayner MP.

Shot on commission for the Trade Union Congress.

© Jess Hurd 01/02/2023

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