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Gentrification of Poplar Chrisp Street Market

Chrisp Street regeneration, gentrification of one of the poorest London markets, Tower Hamlets.

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Save Passing Clouds

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Class War – Gentrify This

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Activists Target Property Awards

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Social housing campaigners disrupt the annual Property Awards attended by luxury property development companies. Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane. London.

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Inequality Street

jj1504044Inequality Street – stencil graffiti about the gentrification of the London Borough of Hackney, E8.

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E15 Mothers


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The Focus E15 Mothers are a group of vulnerable young mums who were threatened with eviction and rehousing outside London by Newham Council.

They won their fight to be rehoused, albeit in sub standard, overpriced, private London accommodation and are now are fighting for the issue of social housing versus gentrification.

The women and their supporters have occupied a small block of abandoned flats on the Carpenters Lane estate. It is shadowed by the Stratford Olympic site and glitzy glass blocks, that tower out of the rent reach of the original local population.

People seem very happy with the new residents, who have breathed life back into the boarded up houses. The mood was pretty jubilant, despite defeat in the court the Mothers campaign will see the opening up of up to 40 previously abandoned houses.

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