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Global Climate Strike

Global Climate Strike, school strike movement, Fridays for Future, marching through Glasgow during COP26.

© Jess Hurd


Abortion Rights Solidarity With Texas

Abortion Rights protesting for a woman’s right to choose, solidarity with Texas, from Trafalgar Square to the American Embassy, London.

All images © Jess Hurd

Shot on commission for Abortion Rights

London March For Palestine

March For #Palestine #London. Images commissioned by Palestine Solidarity Campaign.
© Jess Hurd/PSC #London4Palestine

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Headteachers Protest

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All photographs © Jess Hurd/

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Love v Hate – Worcester Rejects Fascism

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All images © Jess Hurd/

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New Deal for Working People

Jeremy Corbyn and Frances O’Grady – TUC demonstration a ‘New Deal for Working People’, Hyde Park, London.

© Jess Hurd/TUC

Shot on commission for the TUC.

Women’s March on Washington

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Trump Inauguration Protests

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Stop the Killing – Free Palestine

Thousands join a Stop The War march against the Israeli war on Gaza. London.

© Jess Hurd/

Images available to licence from:

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Love Teaching – Hate Gove

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National Union of Teachers strike and march about pay, pensions and conditions. Central London.

© Jess Hurd/

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Slutwalk against rape and sexual violence, for safety and justice. London.

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