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Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival 2016

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Photographs commissioned by Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival dedicated to the memory of Jo Cox MP.

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End Austerity Now

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Protect The Right To Strike

Frances O'Grady, TUC Gen Sec with Protect the Right to Strike campaign against the Trade Union Bill. TUC conference Brighton. © Jess Hurd/

Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary with Protect the Right to Strike campaign against the Trade Union Bill. TUC conference Brighton.
© Jess Hurd/

Britain Needs A Pay Rise

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Britain Needs a Pay Rise TUC demonstration, Central London.

Shot on commission, please contact the TUC to use the images.

© Jess Hurd/TUC

Mark Carney – Bank of England


Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England. TUC, Liverpool.


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Living Staff – Living Wage



TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady, visits the Ritzy workers picket line, in a BECTU dispute over London Living Wage. Brixton, South London. © Jess Hurd/TUC


Cricklewood – NO PASARÁN

South East Alliance, assorted far right coalition are stopped from marching through Cricklewood by anti fascists. The Alliance were protesting about a Muslim Brotherhood office, although the actual office is unconfirmed. Afterwards they try and disrupt a UAF Conference held at TUC Congress House. London.

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Save Our NHS

Save Our NHS demonstration. Conservative Party Conference 2013. Manchester.

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Ed Miliband – TUC

Ed Miliband MP speaks at TUC, Bournemouth.


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TUC Support Huber Ballesteros

TUC delegates support Colombian trade union leader, Huber Ballesteros, who was arrested on false charges of rebellion and financing terrorism. Justice for Colombia. TUC, Bournemouth.

© Jess Hurd/TUC


TUC – Frances O’Grady

Frances O’Grady TUC General Secretary. TUC conference, Bournemouth.


© Jess Hurd/


A Future That Works

Ian, a homeless man selling the Big Issue in front of the slogan “A Future that Works” at TUC Congress 2012 Brighton.

© Jess Hurd/


TUC Toast – A Future That Works

Brendan Barber, outgoing TUC General Secretary with his replacement Frances O’Grady on Brighton Beach, with ice-cream, on the opening day of TUC Congress 2012.

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Employee Rights Stop Employment Wrongs

TUC launches employment rights campaign with six foot clock and workers in Victorian costume

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber poses with a six foot clock with a backwards face and workers in Victorian costume (a chambermaid, a tradesman and a child chimney sweep) to launch a new employment rights campaign – Employee Rights Stop Employment Wrongs.

More than three million people working in small companies with fewer than 10 staff will be turned into second-class citizens if government supporters of the Beecroft report get their way.

The TUC believes that the Beecroft proposals would turn employees in small businesses into second-class citizens by stripping them of many rights. His original report called for staff in small firms to lose unfair dismissal, pension, flexible working, parental leave, gangmaster and equal pay rights.

The TUC argues that the very many good employers in small firms who have no interest in treating their staff badly will suffer unfairly from being seen as second-class, second-rate employers. The TUC message is don’t turn the clock back on workplace rights.

Press images available from the TUC

© Jess Hurd/TUC

March for the Alternative

March for the alternative. Jobs, Growth and Justice. Organised by the TUC.

With images from Piccadilly and Trafalgar Square later in the evening.

See web gallery here

© Jess Hurd/

Mervyn King protest

POA and PCS delegates protest against the ConDem cuts as Mervyn King, Govenor of the Bank of England speaks at TUC, Manchester 2010.

© Jess Hurd/

TUC For Public Services

Brendan Barber joins TUC delegates as they launch a campaign against the ConDem cuts. TUC Manchester 2010.
© Jess Hurd/

Brendan Barber

Storm clouds gather as Brendan Barber TUC arrives in Manchester for Congress 2010.
© Jess Hurd/

No ConDem Cuts

Trade unionists lobby the TUC General Council to call for a national demonstration against the government cuts. Called by the Shop Stewards Network.
© Jess Hurd/